Walking on Samos - Caminhadas e Nado nas ilhas gregas

Wandern auf Rhodos Wandern auf samos Wandern auf samos
Wandern auf Samos

Dieter Graf

11 x 19 cm
112 pages
25 Walks



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This book describes the lovliest old walking trails. With detailed maps, exact times and photos of outstanding points for better orientation. And lots of useful knowledge about the "Island of abundance". Sámos lies in the Ionian settlement area of Antiquity, the cradle of Greek culture. In the sixth pre-Christian millennium Sámos’ ruler Polycrates led the island to the first cultural, political and economic blossoming of ancient Greece which 100 years later reached its peak in Athens.

After many millennia of decline and foreign domination the island is slowly beginning to develop. Tourism also plays a major role here, apart from agriculture. However it has shaped Sámos a lot less than other Greek islands. There are hardly any major hotel complexes. The visitor still finds an island characterised by the Greek-Mediterranean way of life.

Especially for hikers Sámos is an eldorado. One wanders through fertile valleys, shady oak forests and age-old olive groves and climbs steep cliffs and karstic mountain tops – with distant views of the surrounding islands. For bathing one comes across extensive sandy beaches and hidden rocky coves. And in the villages one can still encounter the unspoilt Greece with its friendly people and their hospitality, or “filoxenía“.

Particularly worthwhile is the north coast with wooded slopes and vineyards which continue to be criss-crossed by old mule tracks. But the destinations described in this book also include old monasteries and the archaeological sites around Pythagório. Unforgettable is the endless light in Greece, the blue sea, the beaches, the paved paths and the spicy scent of thyme, sage and oregano. Not to mention the simplicity and stillness are part and parcel of the hiking experience. Have a good trip Kaló taxídi!

The regions - Updated descriptions

Samos Samos Samos Samos Samos

Amorgos Samos town & Pythagorio
Agios Konstantinos

  • Samos walk 1 Samos-Stadt ⇨ Profitis Elias ⇨ Kamara ⇨ Samos-Stadt
  • Samos walk 2 Moni Ag. Zoni ⇨ Moni Zoodochos Pigi ⇨ Ag. Giannis ⇨ Kamara ⇨ Samos
  • Samos walk 3 Mytilini ⇨ Kokkari
  • Samos walk 4 Mesokambos ⇨ Ag. Triadas ⇨ Agiades ⇨ Eupalinos-Tunnel ⇨ Aquädukt ⇨ Potokaki
  • Samos walk 5 Koumaradei ⇨ Mili ⇨ Heraion/Ireon
  • Samos walk 6 Ireon ⇨ Pagondas ⇨ Mili

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  • Samos walk 7 Votsalakia ⇨ Marathokampos ⇨ ormos Marathokampou
  • Samos walk 8 Marathokampos ⇨ Höhle des Pythagoras ⇨ Votsalakia
  • Samos walk 9 Marothokampos ⇨ Profitis Elias ⇨ Moni Evangelistra ⇨ Votsalakia
  • Samos walk 10 Votsalakia ⇨ Moni Evangelistra ⇨ Profitis Elias ⇨ Kerkis ⇨ Votsalakia
  • Samos walk 11 Kyriaki ⇨ Klima ⇨ Limnionas ⇨ Psili amos

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  • Samos walk 12 Potamia ⇨ Mikro Seitani ⇨ Megalo Seitani ⇨ Drakëi
  • Samos walk 13 Potami ⇨ Tsourlei ⇨ Nikoloudes ⇨ Mikro Seitani ⇨ Potami
  • Samos walk 14 Karlovassi ⇨ Potami ⇨ Nikoloudes ⇨ Leka ⇨ Karlovassi
  • Samos walk 15 Leka ⇨ Kastania ⇨ Kosmadei ⇨ Nikoloudes ⇨ Tsourley ⇨ Leka/Potami
  • Samos walk 16 Karlovassi ⇨ Ydroussa ⇨ Petaloudas ⇨ Kondakeika ⇨ Ag. Dimitrios

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  • Samos walk 17 ag. Konstantinos ⇨ Stavrinides ⇨ Àmpelos ⇨ ag. Konstantinos
  • Samos walk 18 Ag. Konstantinos ⇨ Manolates ⇨ Stavrinides ⇨ Ag. Konstantinos
  • Samos walk 19 Kambos ⇨ Pnaka ⇨ Vourliotes ⇨ Manolates ⇨ Platanakia
  • Samos walk 20 Kambos-Vourliotes ⇨ Pnaka ⇨ Tsabou Beach

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  • Samos walk 21 Platanakia ⇨ Vourliotes ⇨ Kokkari
  • Samos walk 22 Kokkari ⇨ Vourliotes ⇨ Nachtigallental ⇨ Platanakia
  • Samos walk 23 Kokkari ⇨ Moni Vronda ⇨ Vourliotes ⇨ Pnaka ⇨ Avlakia (-Kambos)
  • Samos walk 24 Kokkari ⇨ Profitis-Elias Kapellen ⇨ Ag. Fanouris ⇨ Kokkari
  • Samos walk 25 Moni Vronda ⇨ Lazarou ⇨ Kastro Louloudas ⇨ Kokkari

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Press reviews:

Press This pictorial walking guide helps you reach your destination safely: each description includes a detailed map of the area, while photos of important crossings help you find your bearings, request help from a local and serve as a stimulus. The actual walking time acts as a personal control.    ADAC Travel Magazine
Press The autor describes in detail the character and the different sights along the whole route. The times at certain stages of the walks are extremely useful.    Die Welt, Hamburg

Precisely described hiking tracks with many useful route photos.    

It offers a far more detailed, intimate and observant sense of the land and its history than any other guidebook.    
The paperback fits nicely into your pocket.    Die Yacht

A good read for all hiking enthusiasts.   Globo

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