Wandelen en zwemmen op Griekse eilanden

Amorgos, Naxos, Paros, Andros, Eastern & Northern Cyclades - Wandelen en zwemmen op Griekse eilanden


Santorini, Sifnos, Western & Southern Cyclades - Wandelen en zwemmen op Griekse eilanden

Third edition

Wandelen op Naxos - Wandelen en zwemmen op Griekse eilanden

Third edition

Rhodes, Karpathos, Kos, Southern Dodecanese - Wandelen en zwemmen op Griekse eilanden


Samos, Patmos, Ikaria, Kalymnos & Six Neighbouring Islands - Wandelen en zwemmen op Griekse eilanden


Wandelen op Samos - Wandelen en zwemmen op Griekse eilanden

De boeken


The series Walking on Greek Islands are guidebooks which describe 220 walks on 44 Greek islands. It is made for island hoppers who want to drift through the island world by ship and who would also like to hike and swim in this ancient cultural landscape. Ten to twelve islands, among them very small ones, are described in four of the books.
The walks are carefully selected so that places of cultural significance as well as lonesome beaches can be found along the way. Exploring the remaining ancient mule tracks and marble plated roads make the walks especially enjoyable.

Each walk is characterized by a precise and plain text as well as a detailed map. Six to four photos of distinctive places allow for orientation along the way, precise split times are given to check. Cultural information complete the picture of each walk. Shortcuts of longer walks and alternative routes for a second hike are described.

The series Walking on Greek Islands distinguishes itself from other guidebooks mainly in the very detailed route descriptions, with great importance being attached to the map of walks. They are nevertheless concise and fit into the pocket.

The author Dieter Graf is an enthusiast for walking in Greece and has known the islands since the 1970s. From that, this series arose since 1999.

160 to 208 pages, € 17,90(D),
„Walking on Naxos“, € 14,90(D),
„Walking on Samos“, € 14,90(D).


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