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Looking for a room with a balcony in Hungary? Or a hammock in Laos? Nobody understands you - that's where picture dictionary point it® can help This passport-sized book offers about 1,300 photographed items to point at. Allowing you to be understood anywhere in the world. Without words and waving about.

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point it ® - traveller's language kit picture dictionary

München Special

Munich at a glance: This novel city guide affords a quick and comprehensive impression of the convivial city – just in pictures. With the aid of photos it shows everything of importance: famous and curious sights, shops, places to eat and drink. And the Oktoberfest is covered in particular detail.
If you don’t speak German, you can make yourself understood by pointing at the pictures.

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point it ® - traveller's language kit picture dictionary

Walking on Greek Islands

This series offers more than 220 walking trails on the Aegean Islands. The six volumes describe 46 islands of the Cyclades and the Dodecanese. With detailed maps, exact times, GPS-points and photos of outstanding places for better orientation. Available in English and German, one edition in French, respectively in Dutch.

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